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Sinus Augmentation and Ridge Expansion in Manahawkin

If you are missing teeth, it is not uncommon to need a preliminary oral surgery before you have dental implants placed. This tooth replacement option requires plenty of healthy jaw bone to be successful, and preserving the shape of the gum will ensure that the replacement tooth looks totally natural. For both objectives, there is sinus augmentation and ridge expansion. Your Manahawkin dentist offers these procedures with expertise and care -- keep reading to learn more.

What Is Sinus Augmentation?

Tooth loss results in the degeneration of bone tissue in the area. Without the tooth’s root, the jaw does not have the nutrients it needs to stay healthy and whole. This loss of bone occurs quickly in the sinus when the upper molars have been lost. In these cases, a sinus augmentation can help to provide the proper environment for a successful dental implant procedure.

Also known as a sinus lift, Dr. Young surgically raises the sinus floor and inserts healthy donor bone tissue into the area. Over a few months, this bone generates into more and increases space and the volume of the overall tissue. This gives the dental implants sturdy tissue to anchor to -- for maximum success.

What Is Ridge Expansion?

Another thing that happens after the loss of a tooth is that a visible indentation can form in the gum and jaw above where the tooth was. When this collapse occurs, a ridge expansion is necessary to preserve the appearance of the area to ensure the new tooth replacement takes hold and looks totally natural after implantation. Healthy bone tissue is inserted/grafted into the empty space, and once it has healed, the area is sturdy, looks healthy, and is ready for the placement of your dental implant(s).

About Your Dentist

Most dental offices need to refer patients out to an oral surgeon for these types of procedures, delaying the treatment times and requiring you to get to know another team all over again. You can avoid the hassle by visiting a qualified dentist who can perform these surgeries from the very start!

Dr. Young is highly trained and experienced in offering procedures like sinus augmentation, ridge expansion, and a number of others. After dental school, he completed a full hospital-based residency at the Jersey Shore Medical Center -- and he continues to update his knowledge and skills through his involvement in continuing education courses and a host of professional organizations.

Visiting a qualified dentist to perform oral surgeries can make your life a lot easier, and you can feel confident when you partner with Dr. Young and the team at Young Dentistry for sinus augmentation, ridge expansion, or any other oral procedure we offer!

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