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Dental Insurance – Manahawkin, NJ

The Key to Saving on Dental Care

Are you and your family’s smiles covered by a dental insurance plan? If so, that’s great news for everyone -- and it gets better. Your in-network dentist in Manahawkin is Dr. Robert Young! The team at Young Dentistry is happy to accept some of the most popular dental insurance plans, and we also file all insurance claims for other providers to make it easier for you to benefit from your investment. Keep reading to learn about how dental insurance works at our dental office, then contact us to discuss the particulars of your plan today.

What Does Dental Insurance Cover?

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Regular visits to the dentist are crucial for preventing the need for complex, costly dental care later. Patients of all ages benefit from a checkup and cleaning at the dentist every six months -- and these visits are usually completely covered by a dental insurance plan. Additional preventive services, like X-rays, dental sealants, and fluoride treatments, may also be free for you with dental insurance.

If you need restorative dental care, like a dental crown, bridge, extraction, or root canal therapy, your dental insurance should pay for a significant portion of those services, too. Restorative dental care is usually covered up to 80%.

Some specialty services, a nightguard for bruxism, may be covered by dental insurance. You will typically have to pay for elective cosmetic treatments. Contact the insurance provider directly or talk to our dental office to find out just what you are eligible for with your dental insurance plan.

Making the Most Out of Your Investment

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The best way to ensure you make the most out of your dental insurance plan is by finding a dentist who is in-network with your provider. That way, you receive the benefits you are eligible for right off the bat, without having to pay out of pocket and then wait for a reimbursement that may not come until much later. When you visit an in-network dentist, just pay any amount that is not completely covered at the time of your appointment and go on your way without any extra hassle.

Young Dentistry is in-network with some of the nation’s leading dental insurance providers. We work with the following plans:

Ask our friendly team if we accept your insurance!

If your insurance provider is not on the list, you can still feel free to visit Young Dentistry with your plan. Our team of dental insurance experts will file and follow-up on your claim to make sure it goes through properly and that there aren’t any long and inconvenient delays on your reimbursement.

The second key to maximizing on your investment in dental insurance is to make sure you schedule and attend your two free checkups and cleanings per year. This routine preventive care keeps your smile healthy and happy for a lifetime -- and since these appointments are completely covered by your dental insurance plan, you don’t have any excuse to skip out on them!