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Why Is There a Black Line Around My Dental Crown?

March 22, 2021

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man looking at his teeth in the mirror and wondering, “why is there a black line around my dental crown?”

When you first got your dental crown a few years ago, you were ecstatic that you could once again enjoy chewing with that tooth without it hurting. Plus, your results looked natural. Recently, though, you looked in the mirror and wondered, “Why is there a black line around my dental crown?” This is a fairly common issue with crowns that are made of porcelain fused to metal. Fortunately, your dentist has ways of solving this problem. Read on to learn where that dark line came from and how your dentist can fix it.


4 New Year’s Resolutions for a Healthier Smile

January 19, 2021

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New Year’s resolutions for a healthy smile.As you head into 2021, you’re likely setting goals to make the most of the year ahead. While you might plan to exercise more often or pay off debt, your dentist encourages you to put a healthy smile at the top of your New Year’s resolutions list. Simple changes throughout the year can have a lasting impact on your smile. Here are 4 habits you should start right away to achieve optimal oral health.


How Many Dental Implants Do I Need?

December 20, 2020

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an older man wearing a brown sweater and glasses smiles after receiving his dental implants

Dental implants are considered to be one of the most versatile tooth replacement solutions available. Known for mimicking the natural tooth structure and continuing to stimulate the jawbone to avoid facial collapse, patients with missing teeth have enjoyed the life-changing, long-lasting benefits of these unique restorations. But how many are needed to ensure a stable and functional smile? If you are missing one or more teeth and want to enjoy a better quality of life, a local dental expert explains how many implants you will need to restore your smile’s health and overall appearance.


5 Reasons to Be Thankful for Dental Implants This Holiday Season

November 7, 2020

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Woman in Christmas hat points to her dental implants

The air is getting cooler and the leaves are changing color, which means the holiday season is right around the corner! This year’s festivities may be different than previous years, but there are still plenty of reasons to smile, especially if you’ve replaced your missing teeth with dental implants! Rebuilding your complete, confident smile makes all the difference when chatting with loved ones, smiling for photos, and eating all your favorite holiday meals! As you think about what you’re thankful for this time of year, remember these five reasons to be grateful for your dental implants.


5 Lies Your Dentist Knows You’re Telling

September 2, 2020

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Woman talking to dentist

Even though many people are likely to stretch the truth while at their dental appointments, your dentist isn’t so easily fooled. The mouth is the gateway to the rest of the body and is often times a pretty good reflection of a patients oral and general health. The truth is that at your regular checkup, your dentist can recognize many of the lies that patients are telling. Continue reading to learn what the most popular ones are.


What Effects Does Coffee Have on Teeth?

August 9, 2020

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Women drinking coffee

Did you know that over half of Americans who are over the age of 18 drink coffee every morning? If you are one of these millions of people, you know that it is often times the pick me up that you need to get your day started. But have you ever thought about the effects that frequent coffee drinking has on your teeth? Your dentist explains how coffee affects your oral health, leads to discoloration, and what you can do to minimize its effects.


Enjoy More Biting Force with Dental Implants

July 22, 2020

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Man with dental implants in Manahawkin biting an apple. If you’ve lost a tooth or two over the years, your confidence wasn’t the only thing to suffer the consequences of an incomplete smile. Your quality of life has also changed as you struggle to eat many foods, like steak or corn on the cob. What if you could enjoy your favorite foods again? Now you can with dental implants in Manahawkin. You’ll benefit from an unmatched biting force that closely feels natural.

How Your Dentist and Their Team Are Making Their Practice Safe During COVID-19

June 14, 2020

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dentist wearing extensive PPE

As someone with family members who are high-risk for COVID-19 complications, you’ve been doing your part to reduce your risk of infection by working from home, washing your hands often, and wearing a mask on the few occasions when you leave the house. One day, out of nowhere, you feel a sharp pain in your tooth. Since you haven’t been to the dentist in a while, you suspect it’s a cavity. But is it even safe to visit the dentist these days? Absolutely! Keep reading below to learn a few of the precautions your dental team is taking to ensure your safety and comfort.


5 Strict Handwashing Rules Followed By Dental Staff

May 15, 2020

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dentist in Manahawkin washing their hands before putting on glovesDue to COVID-19, dental practices across the country have expanded their precautionary and safety measures in an effort to control the spread of the virus. A simple, yet often overlooked healthy protocol like thorough and frequent hand-washing, is one of the greatest defenses against all types of illnesses, including COVID-19. Read on to learn how your dentist in Manahawkin is helping keep patients safe by implementing these five strict handwashing rules throughout your appointment. (more…)

4 Oral Health Tips to Stay Healthy While Self-Isolating

April 4, 2020

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person washing their hands in a bathroomAre you doing everything in your power to make sure that your home stays sterile and your family stays healthy? The COVID-19 crisis can be overwhelming because of this, and make you feel like no sanitizing routine will be good enough to stop the virus. However, as long as you’re following the CDC’s safety guidelines and regularly sanitizing and disinfecting surfaces, your risk of contracting the virus will plummet. For more tips to avoid the spread of COVID-19, read below for four oral hygiene tips from a dentist in Manahawkin to follow. (more…)

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