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Complete Your Smile with a Bridge and Dental Crowns in Manahawkin

November 6, 2017

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close up of couple smilingDo you have gaps in your smile from missing teeth? You are not alone. In fact, the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons reports that 69% of adults between the age of 35 and 44 have at least one missing tooth. Often, this is due to a failed root canal, tooth decay, gum disease, or trauma. To fill the empty space, many turn to a bridge and dental crown in Manahawkin. This provides an effective and affordable solution to regain a complete smile.

Treat Your Tooth Loss Today

It may be tempting to leave your tooth loss untreated; however, it will not only decrease your confidence but also your oral health and quality of life. Every tooth has an important role in proper functions for chewing and speaking. When even one is lost, it can be difficult to eat certain foods, leading to nutritional deficiencies. In addition, your oral health will suffer. Your adjacent teeth will no longer have adequate support. As a result, they will shift out of alignment, increasing your risk for tooth decay and gum disease because they become more difficult to clean.

Complete Your Smile with a Dental Bridge and Crowns

To stop the complications of tooth loss, your dentist in Manahawkin can fill the empty space with a dental bridge and crowns. Prosthetic teeth are featured in a gum-colored base that is attached to a metal framework. The teeth will be made to match your exact specifications in terms of size, shape, and color to blend in with your natural teeth.

To hold the bridge in place, dental crowns are placed on the adjacent teeth. This involves reshaping the teeth to allow the caps to be placed over them. Using impressions, they will be made to meet your exact specifications while looking like natural teeth.

On average, your journey to a new smile will take a couple of appointments; however, it is time well spent as it offers a long-term solution to treat your tooth loss. With the right aftercare, like maintaining your oral hygiene and regular care with your dentist, the bridge and crowns can last for an average of 5 to 15 years before needing to be replaced.

Restore Your Confidence Today

If you are tired of feeling insecure about missing teeth and dealing with the challenges that come with it, it is time to see if a dental bridge and crowns are the solution for you. After an initial consultation, your dentist will create a customized treatment plan to fill the empty space.

Invest in your quality of life and confidence today with a complete smile.

About Dr. Robert Young

Dr. Robert Young is a graduate of the New Jersey College of Medicine and Dentistry. In addition to earning is dental degree, he continued his education in implant surgery and dental crowns and bridges to provide complete services to his patients. If you are suffering from tooth loss, he provides the solutions you need for a complete smile. Contact Young Dentistry today to schedule a consultation.